Summer has arrived here in Basingstoke! How do we know this? Well today we did our first Basingstoke wasps nest of 2021! A couple of things seem to have caused a slow start to the season. Firstly, the extremely wet May 2021 we experienced, seems to have resulted in fewer flying insects. In some places in the UK recorded their highest ever May rainfall! Remember that?

Secondly, the lack of flying insects has resulted in a decrease in available food for Queen wasps emerging from hibernation. After a good sleep, and big meal is definitely needed for me. Getting that first feed is crucial to the survival of Queen wasps emerging from hibernation.This is what has caused this late start to the season.With a touch of luck the wasps will stay away from the pub gardens and the camp sites so that we can enjoy our new found freedom come July 19th 2021. Have a great summer.

Check out the video we did of the very first Basingstoke wasps nest treatment of 2021 below. Call RIDTEK for help or advice about wasps and hornets.