Pest Control Basingstoke – Rats on the rise

A local pest control company in Basingstoke, called RIDTEK RIDTEK has confirmed that there’s been a noticeable increase in rat incidents in the town compared to last year. Shane Jones, a pest control technician at Kempshott-based RIDTEK, told the Gazette his team had...

What do wasps sound like?

Turn Up The Volume Watch and listen as Shane from RIDTEK Pest Control gets up close to a wasps nest to record the amazing sound they are making. Turn the volume up! The sound is realy cool. It can be loud if the wasps are inside the wall of your bedroom. In this case...

Baby Starling Rescue

Baby Starling Rescue

Today we were called out to a house in Basingstoke where they had some weird scratching noises in the cavity wall?? A rat? Or maybe a mouse?? Could it be a bird?