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The key to Bird Control and Bird Proofing is getting some local advice about what can be done. RIDTEK can visit your home or business and give a free appraisal of the situation. No charge and no obligation.

Birds can cause an enormous amount of damage to a building that if left unchecked can lead to major health and safety issues and a huge repair bill.

Typical issues related to bird activity within buildings are:

Clogged drains contaminated standing water and local flooding as a result of bird droppings and nesting materials

Broken ventilation systems where dried bird droppings around the air conditioning units have been sucked into the system

Visible and structural damage to parapet walls rooftops and window ledges that have been repeatedly covered in bird droppings. Often the pest bird problem is out of sight and it’s only when a major problem is alerted that it comes to light. By this time, an effective treatment programme is vital.

Bird spikes and sprung wire systems effective in deterring pigeons and larger birds, they are commonly used on parapet walls, ledges, roof lines, windowsills, signage and other narrow surfaces that birds land on.

Bird netting, this excludes birds from open areas and is vital in protecting equipment such as air conditioning units. A very successful deterrent, it’s important that bird netting is professionally installed because birds take advantage of a poorly hung net.

Health Hazards from Pest Birds

Pest birds can cause as many health hazards as rats. Birds harbour over forty types of parasites and can internally host over sixty types of infectious diseases, which can easily be passed on to humans. Direct contamination from faeces is one way that nesting birds spread disease. Airborne spores from faeces can enter air ducts and vents to settle on food or water and transfer disease. Many cases of salmonella every year are attributed to that route of transmission. Airborne particles from bird faeces can also contain dormant fungi and/or bacteria. If inhaled, this can result in mild to deadly internal fungal infections. The parasites carried by pest birds are capable of transmitting literally hundreds of bacterial and viral agents, including encephalitis, pox, meningitis, and plague to human hosts.

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It’s quite rare, and we don’t expect this to happen, but if the treatment failed, you can be confident that we will be back a.s.a.p. to sort the problem out at no extra charge. So give us a call for Pest Control in and around Basingstoke.

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