Turn Up The Volume

Watch and listen as Shane from RIDTEK Pest Control gets up close to a wasps nest to record the amazing sound they are making. Turn the volume up! The sound is realy cool. It can be loud if the wasps are inside the wall of your bedroom. In this case the wasps nest is being built behind the boards on the wall. This is directly above the front door and wasps have been agressively dive bombing anybody using the door. We treated this nest so this problem was solve. Before I did I filmed the nest activity and the sound they make when building inside the wall. There have been occassions where our customer has called a plumber because they can hear what they think is water dripping inside the wall. it could sounds like a broken pipe. If you hadnt noticed the wasp activity on the outside of the wall. A loud tapping noise is the best way to describe the sound they make when they are busy constructing the nest. Wasps gather wood shavings when they are out foraging from fences, sheds or trees. They carry the wood back and make pulp that they weave into a paper nest. Never approach a wasps nest and always call a professional. If you need help with the removal or treatment of a wasps nest. Wasps can be extremeley dangerous and even fatal to people who suffer from wasp allergies. Call RIDTEK for help or advice on wasps nests treatment or removal in Basingstoke, Winchester or Newbury.