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Fleas can be notoriously difficult to eradicate and usually people will try to do this themselves. Unfortunatley DIY purchased flea killers are not going to solve your problem as its important to understand the flea life cycle and implement a strategy to eradicate them for good. For example, adult fleas, the ones biting, are only 5% of the flea population in your home.Just talking about fleas makes most peoples skin crawl and itch! The bites are usually a tiny red spot surrounded by a reddish area and they do itch like crazy.Adult fleas are a parasite, living of warm blooded animals. They lay eggs, 100’s of them, the eggs turn into larvae that actually feed on the excretement of the adult fleas. The larvae spin cocoons and pupate. From the cocoon an adult will emerge and the cycle goes around and around.So, you see, there is a lot going on behing the scenes in the flea world and you will need the help of a proffesional pest control company. Call RIDTEK for professional flea fumigation and treatment in Winchester.

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Call us to discuss how we fumigate. You will need to vacate the building for a short period of time and there are some preparation steps required before we arrive. RIDTEK is a family owned, independant, professional pest control company staffed by technicians who understand you need help fast. Our technicians are level II RSPH certified, friendly and local. 


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Basingstoke Wasps Nest Treatment 2021

Basingstoke Wasps Nest Treatment 2021

Summer has arrived here in Basingstoke! How do we know this? Well today we did our first Basingstoke wasps nest of 2021! A couple of things seem to have caused a slow start to the season. Firstly, the extremely wet May 2021 we experienced, seems to have resulted in...

What do wasps sound like?

Turn Up The Volume Watch and listen as Shane from RIDTEK Pest Control gets up close to a wasps nest to record the amazing sound they are making. Turn the volume up! The sound is realy cool. It can be loud if the wasps are inside the wall of your bedroom. In this case...


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