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If you need to get rid of wasps in Winchester get RIDTEK Pest Control

CALL RIDTEK Pest Control in Winchester for advice and to schedule a visit to treat and or remove your wasps nest. Call us on 01962 388 233.

RIDTEK Pest Control is owned and operated by Aussie Shane and his wife Roo Jones. As a family run business we understand that you need help fast and we pride ourselves on working carefully in your home to solve problems as quickly as possible. 

Wasps realy are a pain, especially if one gets its sting into you. They can also ruin a great B.B.Q and anyone that ruins my B.B.Q is public enemy number 1! The problem is that the females can sting repeatedly and can become very agressive, so this can be a real threat, especially to children and pets. But don’t panic as we are available to treat wasps nests. If the nest is up high our equipment is extendable allowing us to treat those hard to reach spaces. For wasp control services we deal with wasps in the roof, eaves, loft, sheds and garages. Weather it’s a huge wasp nest, tiny wasp nest, paper wasp nest, yellow jackets, hornets or any other type of wasp nest you need to get rid of, just give us a call for wasp control Winchester.

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About us

RIDTEK Pest Control is a family owned, independent, professional wasp control services company staffed by friendly technicians who understand you need help fast.  We guarantee our work so if your not satisfied we will gladly refund your money. Our technicians are level II RSPH certified for wasp control Winchester.


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For wasp control services Winchester and if you would like to see what our customers are saying about our wasps nest removal services you can check us out on Checkatrade. Just click the link below for info wasp control Winchester.


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