BPCA – British Pest Control Association

We are very proud to be members of the British Pest Control Association.

Why should you use a BPCA member when you are looking for a Pest Control company? “Excellent question and we are glad you asked.”

The BPCA promotes the highest standards of professionalism within the
industry. Every business must prove its competence before membership is
“Joining the association gives assurance to our customers that we are meeting high standards in everything we do. It also provides us with opportunities to access on-going training and expert advice.

Technical and Business support
“BPCA membership also gives us technical and business support as well as a great communications network keeping us abreast of the latest industry developments.
“Anyone can find themselves with an unexpected pest situation. Clients need to
have confidence that the people they ask for help know how to tackle the issue in the most effective way.

“Our BPCA membership immediately demonstrates we take what we do seriously and that we work to best practices within the industry.”
The BPCA works with pest control companies of all shapes and sizes. It offers a range of technical advice, business support and access to the latest expert guidance.

The trade body also provides training courses and seminars as well as assistance with legislation, marketing and Continuous Professional Development schemes.

Who are the BPCA?

The British Pest Control Association is the UK trade association representing
organisations with a professional interest in the eradication of public health pests.

It is a not-for-profit organisation which acts in the interests of members and on behalf of the pest management industry in the UK.

The Association places great importance on promoting the highest standards of
professionalism within the industry. All organisations must prove their competence before membership is accepted.

It highlights risks of inadequate control and offers guidance in searching for a pest control contractor. It also provides general pest advice and guidance documentation.

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