Pest Control Newbury Wasps


Famous for a day

The call came through like any other. Wasp activity in the loft, can you come quick. In this instance the property was being renovated and painters who needed to access the loft quickly retreated on seeing a wasp nest.

We arrived soon after and proceed to cautiously enter through one of many loft hatches in the building. Wow! I called down to my son Reef “Wow!, check this out!”. We had found the Eldorado of wasp nests. Ten in total. Huge nests. One of which we where able to extract for a quick photo.


See what I found in the video below.


Then the fun started. I uploaded one photo to Twitter and the BBC got wind of it, so before long ITV where on the phone followed by the Daily Mail and I was even interviewed on BBC Berkshire! So all in all it turned into a pretty crazy week.


Listen to our BBC Radio interview for BBC Berkshire below.

You can check out the news reports by clicking these links – Daily Mail – ITV – BBC

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