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We are constantly surprised of how many pest jobs we visit where the customer has just purchased the property. Just as they have moved in to the new property they discover that there is someone else living there. Imagine how it feels to realise your new home has a rat problem. Emotions run high and dreams are shattered. The good news is we are able to solve the issue. But knowing that the building has a problem before purchase is obviously the best way to go.

PEST TEST – Building Pest Survey

We recommend that you use one of highly trained Pest Control Technichians to carry out a Pest Test on the building. Not only does this give you more knowledge about current or historical issues at the property it also gives you a powerful negotiating tool and perhaps helps you decide if this is the home you want.


Our technician will need to gain access to the building and surrounding gardens to undertake a Pest Test. We will prepare a full digital report that can be emailed directly to you on completion. Our report will cover a visual survey of the gardens and outbuildings, lofts and drains, kitchen and bathroom and the building perimeter. We are trained in identifying Pest Issues and this is what we are looking for. Any evidence of current or historical pest issues will be documented. Should a pest control treatment be required it can be arranged as required.

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RIDTEK Pest Control offers professional solutions for all pests including wasps, hornets, mice, rats, carpet moths, cockroaches, beetles, birds, fleas, bed bugs, squirrels plus many more.

These are some of the most common pests we find in the UK. See them all in the RIDTEK pest library.