After hibernating over winter, the Wasp Queen sets about the construction of her new wasp nest. She will have chosen the site the year before and constructed a small hibernation chamber to sleep through the colder months. Usually at the beginning of May as the weather starts to warm up, she emerges and construction starts so that she is able to lead her new colony. In this case we discovered this wasp Queen had her heart set on a bedroom of a home in Kingsclere. The Queen had quietly slept in amongst a pile of teddybears on the shelf in the main  bedroom. We were called when it became obvious that wasp activity had started in amongst the teddy bears. Check out our video. For wasp control in and around the Newbury and Basingstoke area call us on 01635 592 444.


RIDTEK can provide wasp nest treatment and removal in the Newbury and Thatcham area. Our price is fixed and no extra for extra nests.

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