The wasps have started and we are getting calls all over Newbury

Its Mid June 2016 and the phone has started ringing with wasp related jobs. This week we have had quite a few call outs including this job in Overton just outside Newbury. As you can see the nest is well established already and activity is fierce. If you have a wasp nest on your property never agitate them, they can attack on mass when threatened and sting repeatedly. We are available, and have the equipment to treat and remove wasp and hornets nest’s safely. Check out our video. For wasp control in and around the Newbury and Basingstoke area call us on 01635 592 444.




RIDTEK can provide wasp nest treatment and removal in the Newbury and Thatcham area. Our price is fixed and no extra for extra nests.

Call us for wasp nest removal, or even hornets and also keep an eye out for the asian Hornet that seems to be making in rounds into the UK.

We guarantee our work and are accredited by trading standards through the Buy With Confidence scheme so you can be sure we are a trusted trader.


If you need to get rid, get RIDTEK.


We are a family owned, professional pest control company. Our technicians are level II RSPH certified, friendly and local.

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We operate in Newbury, Thatcham, Kingsclere, Highclere, Headley, Aldermaston, Tadley, Basingstoke and the surrounding areas. If your not sure if we cover your area, just give us a call on 01635 592 444 or drop a line on our contact us page.

Also, keep an eye out for the Asian Hornet. These Hornets seem to be making in roads into the UK.